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Solar PV

Bryant Electrics are fully accredited by NAPIT alongside MCS. With vast experience in the installation of Solar PV and battery storage technologies. We are fully MCS approved to allow customers to join benefit from the feed in tariff.


We will evaluate your electrical needs from start to finish to provide a bespoke performance estimate to show your return on investment.


Why Choose us?

- Reliable

- Constantly Training

- We take pride in our work

- Respectful

- Maintenance package available

Main benefits of solar

- Save energy

- Reduce carbon footprint

- Return up to 9% annually

- Tax free with 0% VAT for residential properties 

Battery storage systems increase the proportion of electricity generated by a solar PV array that is consumed in the property rather than exported to the grid. Excess solar energy that is not needed during the day can be stored and subsequently used overnight. This leads to financial savings, as you replace expensive imported electricity with free electricity generated by your solar panels.

Battery Storage

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